To develop greater appreciation for classic Japanese (JDM) vehicles within the collector communities as well as general public through greater accessibility, knowledge base, and events. To improve the access and supply of Japanese (JDM) vehicles within North America and to provide restoration services to the owners of classic Japanese vehicles.

JDM Legends was founded in 2009 by Eric Bizek and Trey Cobb, who is also the owner/founder of the aftermarket tuning company Cobb Tuning. Born out of our passion for classic JDM cars, our goal is to improve knowledge and accessibility to these wonder pieces of history and machinery and assist in the enlightenment of the collector market of the true values this vehicles possess.

The JDM Difference

We take a great amount of pride in the vehicles we offer and stand behind what we sell. We are a full-time operation with highly skilled full time employees. Our extensive contacts within Japan help us track down the hard to find parts and cars you desire.

ALL vehicles offered by JDM Legends are imported legally into the United States and are federally legal in all 50 states (except California for model years manufactured after 1975). All of our cars imported from Japan are first legally deregistered and come with a Japanese Export Certificate. US Custom duties are paid IN FULL for the real value of the vehicle and all necessary paperwork is filed with all necessary US government agencies, including the EPA.

JDM Legends Restored cars come with a full illustrated book detailing the steps taken in the restoration process. We carefully detail all parts used, areas that may have needed special attention, and a complete part list of items replaced or refurbished. Useful in the event any parts need to be replaced in the future. Where custom parts are manufactured, specifications are given should they ever need to be replicated again in the future. The engine is tuned on a chassis dyno for optimal performance, reliability and drivability. The suspension is fully aligned and corner balanced (when applicable). Every JDM Legends Restored car comes with a dyno sheet, alignment spec sheet, and a corner balance sheet detailing total vehicle weight, weight distribution, and cross weights.

Another unique aspect you receive with your JDM Legends restored vehicle is our highly respected attention to detail and the use of high quality materials. Many touches are often so subtle most owners will not notice, but we pride ourselves in a careful and thorough restoration and also respects and pays homage to the car’s original DNA and intent.

Personal delivery is also available for all of our vehicles. We can arrange the delivery of your JDM Legend anywhere in the continental United States in our own enclosed trailer. You can have peace of mind knowing your investment is being transported with care by the same hands that build it. Upon delivery, someone thoroughly knowledgeable about your particular car will walk you through all the important details, accompany you on a test drive, and address any last minutes needs or concerns.

JDM Legends is a licensed used car dealer in the state of Utah (DEALER # 8816)


Privacy & Security
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Returns & Replacements
All purchases made to JDM Legends, LLC are final and there are no returns or refunds of any kind.