Our top line service is a full restoration of either the JDM Legend you already own, or the one you’ve longed to own. Restorations can range from full concourse style for those extremely rare and original vehicles, to the more common “resto-mod” style where we update the mechanical aspects of the vehicle to give you a more modern powertrain, comfort and safety while still maintaining that classic look.

What we do

  • Thorough, high quality workmanship cutting no corners
  • Necessary engineering work to ensure new parts work together properly
  • Use proper materials and fabrication techniques for long lasting results
  • Complete vehicle restorations, specializing in modernizing mechanical systems
  • Deliver your vehicle on time

What we don’t do

  • Cut corners or use inferior materials in an effort to save us money at the expense of your investment
  • Worry only about what we can make “fit”, not what is ideal for the situation
  • Fail to communicate regular reports detailing the status of your vehicle’s restoration
  • Improperly set your expectations for time or cost to do the job right the first time

JDM Legends Restored cars come with a full illustrated book detailing the steps taken in the restoration process. We carefully detail all parts used, areas that may have needed special attention, and a complete part list of items replaced or refurbished. Useful in the event any parts need to be replaced in the future. Where custom parts are manufactured, specifications are given should they ever need to be replicated again in the future. The engine is tuned on a chassis dyno for optimal performance, reliability and drivability. The suspension is fully aligned and corner balanced (when applicable). Every JDM Legends Restored car comes with a dyno sheet, alignment spec sheet, and a corner balance sheet detailing total vehicle weight, weight distribution, and cross weights.

Another unique aspect you receive with your JDM Legends restored vehicle is our highly respected attention to detail and the use of high quality materials. Many touches are often so subtle most owners will not notice, but we pride ourselves in a careful and thorough restoration and also respects and pays homage to the car’s original DNA and intent.

Presently, we only build a handful of restored vehicles a year so you’re assured your investment in a JDM Legends vehicle will be unique and retain value.