Our top line service is a full restoration of either the JDM Legend you already own, or the one you’ve longed to own. Restorations can range from full concourse style for those extremely rare and original vehicles, to the more common “resto-mod” style where we update the mechanical aspects of the vehicle to give you a more modern powertrain, comfort and safety while still maintaining that classic look.

In addition to restoration, we can also source the JDM Legend of your dreams. Our extensive network in Japan provides us the ability to track down even the most rare of the rare in Japanese classics. Or perhaps you want a Japanese-only model but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a good condition car and then finding a way to somehow import it to the US. We can handle the logistics from start to finish: finding the car you want, inspecting it in Japan, and importing it to the US. When you buy from us, you’ll only pay one price (no unexpected custom fees, brokerage, etc) and take delivery of a Federally legal car that can be legally titled in all 50 states. The same as any other car you may purchase. USA Federal laws allow legal importation of any vehicle older than 25 years, so we’re not playing any “kit car” or other games to legally import your JDM Legend. RHD cars are not illegal to own in the US.

If you already have a JDM Legend, or having us import one for you, you likely will need parts to tackle your own restoration. While we don’t supply parts for many cars that had been officially sold in the USA in the past, we can offer a parts sourcing service for the harder to find items. We are not focused on being a supplier for weatherstripping or dash pads but if your needs are unique and difficult to source, we’re here to help.

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