That’s a very good question and the lack of cars for sale recently may lead you to believe that we’ve been slowing down here at JDM Legends but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  You see, when we first started this business the idea of valuable or collectible Japanese classic cars was still in it’s infancy which meant that sometimes the cars stayed around a little longer before finding a suitable home.  Times have changed quite a bit since then and the general public has now started to see the true potential of the cars we specialize in.  Lately the cars we have been importing have been selling to customers that have shown interest before we’ve had a chance to get them for sale on the website.  So if you’ve ever wondered why a lot of cars show up on the website as sold, this is why.

That being said, I do my best to keep up on the large volume of e-mails as much as possible but if you are seriously interested, the best advice I can give you is to call me here at the shop.  That way, I can take the time to really explain the cars and the process as well as get a much better idea of what you are looking for than I could do with ten e-mails.

Now lets take a look at what we’ve been up to lately since I haven’t had a chance to post them up on the website yet.  I’ll keep the descriptions brief for now and I will delve a bit deeper on some of them with their own posts later.  First up is something very special and something so rare that a lot of Z cars enthusiasts don’t even know it exists.

We are talking about a legitimate  Japanese market only, Fairlady Z432, 1 of only 420 ever built.  As the name suggests, what makes this Z car so special is what lies beneath the hood.  4 valves per cylinder, 3 side-draft carburettors, and 2 camshafts means this car has been treated to the same twin-cam S20 motor that was featured in the Nissan Skyline GT-R.  The fact that there were 832 of the 4 door Skyline GT-R’s (PGC10) 1,113 of the 2 door GT-R’s (KPGC10) and only 420 of the 432′s makes it the second most rare Nissan to come with the S20 being only bested by the 1973 Skyline GT-R (KPGC110) of which only 197 were built due to production being cut short as a reaction to the oil-crisis of the mid 70′s.

I’m usually used to doing a bit more restoration work to the cars we import because they always need a little something, even if it’s minor.  This car had recently been treated to a very thorough restoration in Japan before we purchased it so the only thing left to do was a bit of clean up and sourcing an original  radio to replace the modern CD player before sending it off to it’s new owner.  Aside from being a 432, this is also the more sought after 1970 (Series 1) chassis that was only manufactured for one year and also the lightest model of the S30 lineup (excluding the 432-R).   And if it couldn’t get any better, this car also has an original Datsun Competition steering wheel and shift knob that could be purchased directly through the dealer at the time as well as the optional Magnesium wheels.

10,000 RPM tachometer was also exclusive the the 432.

I think it is safe to say that this is the true pinnacle of the Z car.

Next up is another rare one, this is a 1970 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT Type-R, or as it also referred to as simply Bellett GT-R.  Only 1,400 of the twin-cam GT-R models were ever manufactured making these race-bred Belletts the most sought after Isuzus of all-time.  With a high revving  twin-cam motor, dual Mikuni side-draft carburetors and independent rear suspension, this car was truly ahead of it’s time as well and a serious contender on the race track.

We sold this Bellett to a customer of ours that decided he wanted it in a bit more original condition so we used our connections in Japan to track down a complete set of authentic GT-R wheels that we re-chromed and painted to factory specifications.  In addition to that, this car was missing all of it’s badges which meant tracking down 9 GT-R specific badges in addition to some minor paintwork to clean up the stripes,  rear valance and satin black hood that was designed to reduce glare.  We also cleaned up the interior by re-creating the carpet from original patterns in the proper loop-style material and binding.

We replaced the head gasket due to a small oil leak and decided to powder coat the valve cover while it was off and some other minor cleanup in the engine bay as well.  Another very hard to find item was this original air box that was designed specifically for the twin carb setup on the GT-R model.

After all the work was done the end result is the most authentic and original condition Bellett GT-R in the United States, even if it is the only one.

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon.  I liked the Bellett so much in fact that we decided to bring in another one after coming across this fine candidate.  This one just arrived from Japan and we’ve still got some minor restoration work left to do before it’s ready to be delivered to it’s new owner.

Next up is this pair of Japanese icons from the late 60′s.  A 1965 Nissan Silvia and series II Mazda Cosmo Sport.  This is actually the third Comso we’ve brought over now and it also just might be the best one yet, very clean and original condition inside and out.

Attention to detail in the interior was  superior in the 60′s, the only question is which one did it better?  The Silvia?

Or Cosmo?

I’ve always thought that designer Albrecht Goertz got it just right with this one.  Arguably one of the most beautiful Nissans ever created….

The fact that there were only 554 of these hand-built models ever built makes this another rare find and it’s quite on honor for me to have one come through JDM Legends.

This next pair came together from Japan in the same container.  This isn’t just any Datsun Roadster but specifically the most sought after model of all, the 1967 1/2.  There were only an estimated 700 of these mid-year models built that combined the more attractive low windshield of the 67′ and larger 2.0L motor that became standard in 1968.  This model is so rare in fact that it was exported to Japan from the states in the mid- 80′s only to be brought back again.  It’s crazy to think this car has been shipped to and from Japan 3 times since it was built!

And the Skyline behind it?  That would be the holy grail of Hakosukas, the twin-cam S20 powered GT-R!  Something I have dreamed about bringing over since the inception of JDM Legends and it’s surreal to have such a legendary vehicle on our premises.  This is a very solid car but it will be receiving some restoration work here at JDM Legends before it ships out to get it back to the condition that a car like this truly deserves.  Stay tuned for that one…

These next two are a couple of staples for us here at JDM Legends, the A-series Toyota Celica and Nissan Bluebird SSS Coupe.  These early Celicas are nothing new to us here at JDM Legends but to find one in such original condition certainly is.  Stock interior, wheels, air conditioning, original GT stripes…    this one even has the factory air box!  Something you rarely see on these anymore as it’s usually the first thing to go when the modifications start.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of this one but you’ll be seeing plenty more once I’ve had a chance to get into it.

This Bluebird is actually the only car I have at the moment that hasn’t been sold, (edit:  Sold as of  3/28) so if you are in the market for a Coupe be sure to act fast because these move quick.  Of the 3 Coupes we’ve brought over this one has to be the cleanest one yet, a very nice re-paint in the factory white, original 4 speed transmission, twin SU carburettors and high compression factory 219 head.

Perfect floor pans, trunk and a very nice interior.  Believe me when I tell you this one is CLEAN!

We aren’t simply “import brokers” that are only here to assist with bringing cars over from Japan, so aside from some of the more minor restoration work we do to the cars we bring over, we are also in the process of multiple complete chassis restorations here as well.  This is what separates us from some of the other importers out there.
Instead of just providing you with the cars and sending you on your way, we also offer full custom-tailored restoration services on the cars we sell as well as customer-sourced vehicles as long as they fit within the guidelines of what we specialize in.
That being said, here’s a quick  peek at some of the restorations we have going on for a few customers at the moment.  I will try to keep up on each car in more detail in separate posts but for now this will give you an idea of what we’ve been up to.   This first one is a U.S. Market Datsun 240Z we’ve been working on that has come a long way since we pulled it out of the shed.

Just waiting on a few odds and ends before we install the 3.2L stroker motor.   Check back for a detailed post of the restoration of this 240Z.

This next one is another U.S. market car, its a 1968 Datsun 510 we sourced and are restoring for a customer in the Mid-west.  This one also started out as a bit of a basket case before being completely stripped down to bare metal.

Fully adjustable coil-overs and suspension components all around with a CV axle conversion and limited slip.  This one is built to handle.

And the heart of the build is this Frankenstein Z24/Ka24 hybrid motor built by Rebello racing.   This motor makes just a hair under 250 h.p. at the crank so it should be a handful in such a light weight chassis.  I’m just finishing up a custom set of TIG welded headers and exhaust before it’s ready for paint and body.

And this last one is a 1971 Skyline 2000 GT-X we brought over from Japan that was sold to a customer from up North that decided he wanted to undergo a full chassis restoration as well.   This one will be getting the full strip-down along with a 3.0L motor, coil-overs, Watanabes and big brakes all around.  This will be another one to keep an eye on over the next few months  so make sure to check back for updates.

That’s it for now, as you can see I’ve got plenty of work to do so I better get back to it.   Make sure to check back for updates!