This is a very original condition Skyline we imported and was sold to our customer after completing a full inspection and minor tune-up after it arrived from Japan.   After purchasing the Skyline, the customer decided that due to a small amount of corrosion found along the rear arches and mounting holes in the lower rocker trim that this would be the perfect candidate to create his own personal GT-R clone with the assistance of JDM Legends.

We started off with the typical GT-R optional parts including the front and rear spoilers as well as front and rear over-fenders to house the newly acquired and much wider than stock forged aluminum Volk TE37v wheels made in Japan specifically for classic applications.  The rear over-fender conversion requires quite a bit of fabrication due to the amount of metal removed in the process.  The fender modification was also performed in-house with all metal construction for the highest quality possible.  The front hood garnish, lower rocker trim, and rear tail light panel all need to be removed and the mounting holes filled as well for a true clone conversion.

With the addition of a custom set of coil-overs and Koni shocks also built in-house to our specifications, the customer decided a complete engine bay makeover would also be a nice addition to the and more aggressive exterior.   Working together with our client we decided the setup would focused on a very cleanly executed build with most of the original accessories relocated but still accessible for serviceability.   To keep the build true to it’s  GT-X heritage we decided to stick with the factory L-series layout with the addition of a set of triple side-draft Weber carburetors and refurbished engine components.  The GT-X influence can also be seen the in the gold valve cover matched to the gold “GT” badges found exclusively on the GT-X model.

We have the ability to restore and/or modify any vehicle we sell here at JDM Legends to whatever specification you desire, be it a completely showroom stock restoration, resto-mod or period-correct modified build.  Please contact us @ (801) 685-7900 or to discuss your dream Japanese classic today.