This is a 1971 Nissan Skyline 2 door hard top that was imported and maintained by JDM Legends.  This particular Skyline is what is referred to in Japan as a GT-R clone, meaning that it utilizes the rear over-fenders that were original equipment on the GT-R model but retains the single cam, 6 cylinder L-series motor found in many Nissans of the era including the S30Z.    This one in particular has been upgraded from the standard 2.0L up to a 2.8L with triple 40mm Weber DCOE side draft carburetors, optional 5-speed transmission, 89mm Kameari pistons and full exhaust system which provides quite an improvement in power from stock.

This car is also equipped with a front spoiler and front over-fenders not originally equipped on the GT-R model that benefit front end grip and allow clearance for the wider 8.5″ and 10″ wide Watanabe R-Type wheels that were imported by us specifically for this car.   The interior is mostly original and in in very good condition with the exception of the later C210 Skyline steering wheel and new, period correct loop style carpet made in house by JDM Legends.

This car has been sold to a customer with a deposit on our waiting list.   For information about Skyline availability or information on how to own one for yourself,  please call or e-mail JDM Legends by using the contact information listed on the main page.