As many of you may have seen, after years of anticipation the first R32 GTR’s have begun to cross the borders. Here at JDM legends we share the excitement for these iconic cars and have been looking forward to seeing some of them legally enter the United States however we would like to take a moment to share our view on this subject.

Some laws can be interpreted very differently than the law makers had intended when making them, causing confusion which has led to debate over the past few weeks specifically regarding the R32 Skyline.  At JDM Legends we understand the 25 year law to be based on the “actual” age of the vehicle down to the month the car was manufactured or more specifically the first registration date as opposed to the theory that it is actually based only on the year that the car was manufactured.  As shown in the Japanese export certificate below, each one will show a specific date for the year and month that the car was first registered very rarely missing the month.


Official production of the R32 GTR did not begin until Aug of 1989 giving these cars a 25th birthday in August 2014.

Production for standard GTR’s being as follows:


Aug 1989: BNR32000001 – BNR32000054

Sept 1989: BNR32000055 – BNR32001089

Oct 1989: BNR32001090 – BNR32002089

Nov 1989: BNR32002090 – BNR32003027

Dec 1989: BNR32003028 – BNR32004027


Jan 1990: BNR32004028 – BNR32005083

Feb 1990 BNR32005084 – BNR32005554

Mar 1990 BNR32005555 – BNR32006484

Apr 1990 BNR32006485 – BNR32007279

May 1990 BNR32007280 – BNR32008279

Jun 1990 BNR32008280 – BNR32009279

Jul 1990 BNR32009280 – BNR320010279


Here at JDM Legends we strive to follow and obey all rules and regulations regarding business and vehicle importation.  JDM Legends will not be importing R32 Skylines or any other vehicle until they have become of age (25 years old) based on production month, at which point we will be happy to provide our customers with only high quality exceptional vehicles, low production models such as Nismo or N1 models, and early chassis vehicles (ex: 500 or below).

Due to supply and demand it is well known that the value of these early cars will go up significantly as we near August 2014, although, the exact inflation amount is difficult to predict.  We would expect the price range for a high quality GTR to start in the $15,000 range and go up to roughly $25,000+.  Limited production model GTR’s such as the N1 or Nismo models will likely start in the $30,000 range and could be expected to reach much higher for low mileage/original condition examples.

At JDM Legends we do plan on sourcing select R32 GTR’s of exceptional condition and/or limited production vehicles as they become available.   At this time we are not taking orders for any vehicles that do not meet the 25 year requirement.  If you have any further questions regarding the legal importation of a Nissan Skyline R32 please contact us at  (801) 685-7900 or email us at