If you have not already heard, we are very excited to announce that JDM Legends is now a proud North American Watanabe Dealer.  We look forward to carrying select sizes of the classic 8 Spoke wheels here in our shop, and taking orders for custom sizes and colors in the standard Aluminum construction as well as the full Magnesium option for those looking to shave every ounce.

These wheels pictured here are a set of 14X7 (ET+3) Watanabe Type A wheels.  These are a great fit for a stock bodied Datsun 510, Skyline KGC10/GC10, Toyota Celica, and many more 4X114.3 bolt pattern cars.

At JDM Legends the love for Watanabe wheels is nothing new.  In fact it has been deeply rooted into the foundation of this company, and the classic style and history that comes with so many of the cars we have the opportunity to work on.

In 1968 the first set of 8 spoke Watanabe wheels were produced.  Shortly after, the wheels became part of Japanese racing history rolling these historic Nissan Skyline race cars into top poll positions.

For many people, it is hard to imagine having any other set of wheels on their Japanese classic car. Even Takumi, from the famous Japanese manga Initial D, about a Tofu delivery boy who races his AE86 on Mt. Akina had them.

Here at JDM Legends we have been lucky enough to import, and work on some amazing cars.  Some have come with Watanabe wheels on them from Japan, and some have had them installed after they had arrived at our shop, but one thing is certain, they are the perfect fit for these JDM Legends.

This set of 15X10 R, and 15X7 F is a great fitment for the GT-R clone with standard front fenders.

The RS-8 is a 3-piece wheel with 14″ – 17″ options available.

If you don’t see the exact color you are looking for, we can also do custom colors for you application like this set we painted metallic bronze for a customer of ours.

These 14″ x 7″ s are a perfect fit for this stock-bodied TA22 Celica.

If you are looking to get a pieceof history that will complement any nostalgic, please let us know what sizing and color you are interested in by sending us an email to sales@JDMLegends.com  Sizing and color options can be found here:  http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/index.htm