This white 2-door Nissan Skyline 2000GT is a good base to create your own dream Hakosuka. It can be driven as is, restored yourself over time, or have our team of Skyline experts work with you to restore this car for you in your vision.

This particular example is complete, but has some areas we feel would be in the owner’s best interest to address sooner than later. There is rust in the common areas such as the rocker panels and elsewhere. These can still be repaired at a relatively modest cost, but delayed too long and the cost of repair may go up substantially. The car is also in need of a paint job as the current paint is wavy and cracking in a few locations. Some may prefer the weathered look but if you are not one of those types, factor paint work into your cost of ownership.

Mechanically the car is still equipped with a mostly original 2.0L engine, including a single Hitachi carburetor and the stock air box. Not the most powerful of engines, but enough to enjoy cruising around town. If you are in need of more power, a 2.8+L engine build is a well understood and effective upgrade.

These cars are only increasing in value so if you’re looking for a car to make your own that will also be an investment for the future, this is a solid buy.