All loaded up!

Lately it seems we are selling cars before we even have a chance to put them up on the website. While this is a good problem to have, we fear it gives the impression we aren’t actively importing new (classic) vehicles. It is actually quite the opposite, so we’re going to make a better effort to list the cars we have coming in.

Please note that we do NOT have exact pricing on these cars set at this time. We do not set a price until the car has arrived and has been fully inspected. We simply do not feel comfortable stating a car will cost $xxx only to have the car arrive and discover it has a significant problem that had not been disclosed to us when we acquired it. Unfortunately that happens, and we don’t want to pass on that negative experience to our customers.

As it’s often asked, you are welcome to place a deposit on a car to get first right to purchase it. Please note that deposits are non-refundable, simply due to the fact that we will be turning down other buyers for the car.

OK, on to the cars!


1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT (2-door, KGC10), White exterior
Status: SOLD (June 2013)
Estimated Arrival: Landed, undergoing inspection
This Hakosuka has been modified and features a partial GT-R look conversion. The engine has been upgraded to 2.8L displacement and breathes through OER 45mm carbs. The suspension has also been modified though the springs are simply trimmed (cut, very common in Japan on these cars) so the car needs some attention in that area. The brakes are also upgraded with MK63 calipers, Kenmeri brake booster and master cylinder. Overall the car is very typical of what we see in Japan, in an average condition. Will be a good buy for someone that wants to invest a little more into making it their own version of perfect. Really looking forward to executing someone’s vision with this car.


1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT (2-door, KGC10), Red exterior
Status: SOLD (June 2013)
Estimated Arrival: End of April
Acquired from owner who had the car the past 12 years. Engine has been upgradedto a 2.8L using a N42 block and 44mm carbs. Brakes have been upgraded with MK63 front calipers, vented front rotors and brake lines. Car has been previously restored and has the GT-R rear glass, fender mirrors and flares. RS Watanabe 15″ wheels (F: 7.0J, R: 9.5J). We expect this to be a good example with nice interior. Previously restored cars can be a big unknown however so we will need to inspect the car fully after arrival to determine what else the car may need. Most likely it will need some light restoration work, based on the buyer’s expectations and desires.


1969 Nissan Skyline (4-door, PGC10) GT-R, Ivory white exterior
Status: SOLD (May 2013)
Estimated Arrival: End of April
Not a clone, this is the real deal down to the S20 engine. This unique piece of GT-R history is chassis number 102, as in the 102nd GT-R ever built!! It was originally owned by Nissan/Prince Tokyo. The previous owner was the Jamco corporation. The car is in fair condition and is an excellent candidate for a thorough restoration. It is a 1969 model which means it comes with the interior and exterior pieces that are highly sought after.
The buyer of this car will be required to agree to some restoration work. We do not plan to sell this car “as-is”.


1987 Nissan Skyline (2-door, R31) GTS Twincam 24V Turbo, Gunmetal gray exterior
Status: Pending Sale
Estimated Arrival: mid-May
This car was purchased from the original owner and looks to be very original and in excellent condition. Original gunmetal gray (463) paint. These cars came with the RB20DET engine, which is in the same family of engines as the famous RB26DETT found in the later R32-R34 GT-Rs. Car is close to stock condition, though the muffler has been changed. It has BBS wheels but stock wheels are also included. Mileage is shown as 126,xxx km (78,xxx miles). Cars like this are hard to find, most of these models have been heavily modified and poorly cared for. We love finding cars like this!


1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) Nismo, the only color Nismo editions came in…
Status: Pending Sale
Estimated Arrival: May
The Nismo models have recently been approved to be legally imported under the “Show and Display” clause. This is a Nismo edition R32 chassis #557 of only 560. So, one of the very last ones ever made. This example has been modified and shows to have just under 80,xxx miles. It is not in perfect condition, and the paint has faded in several places. This car will need some TLC, but it is an opportunity to own one of the most iconic Japanese cars produced LEGALLY in the US. And it is one of the rarer editions of R32 GT-Rs produced. Please keep in mind that unlike in Gran Turismo, these cars age and aren’t nearly as ‘coveted’ in Japan as they are elsewhere. Thus, they will show obvious signs of a 20+ years of wear, tear and neglect. They can also be a bit more expensive to maintain. A couple of us here at JDM Legends have owned R32s in the past so we are speaking purely from experience. (P.S. We know of a Nismo R32 in Japan with only delivery miles on it, in absolute perfect condition. Contact us if you’re interested.)


1979 Isuzu 117 (PA95), White exterior
Status: Available
Estimated Arrival: End of April
A classic design very very rarely seen in the US, this model came with the 1.8L DOHC engine. This example looks to be very original and in average condition. It could use some light restoration work to turn into a head turning driver, or could be fully restored for a collection. We’re excited about these cars because they are affordable classics. Fantastic styling, DOHC engine, and exceptionally rare to see on the road here in the States. One of the best values going in classic Japanese cars and the values will certainly climb as more people become aware of them (and Japanese collectible cars as a whole). They have a very strong, devout following in Japan.


1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT (4-door, GC10)
Status: Sold
Estimated Arrival: End of April
We’re in the process of importing this for a customer. We’ll refrain from posting too many details about it out of respect for their privacy. Just noting it as another car that is incoming. We can do the same for you as well, just contact us with your specific desires and budget and we can work to find you the best match.


Pictures will be posted in separate posts as the cars arrive. This is just to give everyone notice of what is coming in. We have many more acquisitions current in process and we’ll be sure to post more updates once they are finalized.

Interesting in one of these cars? Don’t see what you want but want us to find it for you? Email us: