Here at JDM Legends we are always looking for the next big project, or simply to bring these cars back to the public to get the love and care they deserve.

Many cars like this Z may be looked past, or scrapped due to the large amount of work involved in bringing them back to life.  Here at JDM Legends, we specialize in bringing these great cars back to road worthy condition, and ready to be enjoyed for many more years.  (Check back to see where this Z will end up.)

 We are continually searching for good condition cars as well as the next car to restore, and lets face it, everyone could use a little extra cash.  We will be offering a base finders fee of $200.00 for vehicles purchased which can go much higher depending on the quality and condition of the car.  We guarantee a fair price!

More specifically we will be looking for the following vehicle’s in any condition from showroom to farm fresh:

early/low production number Japanese vehicles

Honda S500/600/800

Mazda Cosmo Sport

Mazda RX 2/3/4

Mazda RX7

Nissan/Datsun 1600/2000 Roadster

Nissan/Datsun 240Z/260Z/280Z (1970-75)

Nissan/Datsun 510 (1968-72)

Nissan/Datsun/Prince Skyline

Toyota Celica (1970-77)

Toyota Corolla (1966-1987)

Toyota Starlet (1980-83)

Toyota 2000GT

Toyota Sports 800

If you know of another interesting car you do not see on this list, please send it over and we will take a look.  Vehicle location is not limited to the United States. All cars must be federally legal if located in the United States. 

Please email your find’s to

Let the search begin…