Some of you may or may not have known this but we recently sold the Red 1970 KGC10 Skyline that we had here at JDM Legends to a very passionate Japanese car enthusiast from the West coast  (weird I know ;) ) that has been on the waiting list for quite a while.   I wasn’t quite ready to let this one go yet but the customer was very insistent (and who can blame him) that he needed the car a.s.a.p.    Fortunately the customer was generous enough to let us do a little filming with the car before it left….  partially for marketing purposes but more than that it’s also kind of like taking family home videos of your kids.    I needed something to remember this car by and the typical photo shoot for this car just wouldn’t suffice.   This is a car that needs to be seen and heard, and what better place to shoot a track-prepped Hakosuka than at the track?  Luckily for us we are located just minutes away from one of the finest racetracks in the mid-west.

An open track at Miller Motorsports Park in April is a thing of beauty, throw in a true JDM Legend like this in the mix and it becomes something that dreams are made of…

None of this would be possible without the assistance from some very great people that also share the same passion for cars that I do,  one of them is Zane Miller who just so happens to have a garage out on track with a couple of very potent Subarus.   He is also the man responsible for arranging some clear track time for us.  The GDB on top is being prepped for some door to door action…

The one on the bottom however is a little more my flavor,  this one is built as an unlimited spec, face ripping,  time attack monster.

420 WHP (on low boost) and 2500 lbs. makes this car quite the rich guy, super car driving ego crusher on track.  I was able to take it for a little test drive around the outer ring and all I can say is holy $%*#!!  It was just the  inspiration I needed to get my GC8 back on track again.   The other guy needed to make this all come together was Mr. Josh Clason.  A guy that needs little introduction at this point and is responsible for some amazing videography as seen in his Depth of Speed series that is definite must see if you’ve never checked it out before.  He’s also shot a few videos for us as well that can be seen HERE and HERE.

The other reason for bringing this car out to the track was for a bit of shakedown testing on the Hakosuka before it left,  the customer was very keen on being able to drive this car from Salt Lake to California and let’s face it,  if it can survive a few hot laps around the track then a little highway cruise should be a walk in the park.  First up was a trip to the garage for one final inspection before we hit the track.

The footage from the guy that actually know what he’s doing will have to wait until it’s completed and released on Josh’s Depth of Speed page but until then, here’s a little teaser that Ryan took on his iPhone…   sorry for the quality and bad lines but it’s been a little while since I’ve been on the East course ;)



After a few hours on an open course  with a circuit-built Hakosuka I can now die a happy man…   it’s quite an experience and something that I will never forget.  I will keep you posted as soon as the finished video is completed,  and if it’s anything like the rest of Josh’s work then it should be nothing short of spectacular.    Now back to the garage…..