We were invited to a nice little annual get together a couple weekends ago that took place in downtown Salt Lake City at the Energy Solutions arena where the Utah Jazz play.  Actually,  where the meet held was in the back where the players park so it was a pretty cool little spot for a car show.

A few of us with some Japanese cars of an little older era decided to meet up at the shop beforehand and drive down together.  Sure enough by the time we were done screwing around we made our way to the show only to find a PACKED lot.  Fortunately for us the guy putting on the show was able to make room for us down in the shady area right next to the arena floor.  Nice!   Here’s a picture of me making my way through the crowd in our newest acquisition.

There was also a few good photographers taking pics there so I’ve taken the liberty to borrow a few of the pictures they took of the event that are quite a bit nicer than the stuff I usually post up here.  This is where we ended up…

Ryan brought down his ultra clean 4 door GC10 Skyline that we brought in for him a few years ago.

And Paul (the guy I made THIS POST for) brought down his newly acquired S30 Z that he picked up in California as you can see by the plates.  The JDM Fairlady mirrors are his first addition since he picked up the car….  so shiny.

Brody’s DR30 had an unfortunate incident with his windshield that we are currently looking into replacing so he brought down his track prepped WRX instead.  This is probably the only modern car you will ever see with a JDML windshield banner…..  available on any car that we put 60+ hours of custom fabrication into ;)

There were a few more classics to be found outside as well such as Alan’s immaculate VG30 powered 510 that we will hopefully be seeing more of very soon on another Josh Clason depth of speed feature.

Duane also brought my favorite Green Goon….   I need to get me some of those vintage black plates.

The stance movement is alive and well in Salt Lake in case you were wondering.

And if you were curious what was on that hitch…

A trailer,  also on bags.  It makes sense actually….  no need for a ramp!  I’ve  noticed that you don’t see nearly enough clean Z32′s anymore.  This one is looking pretty good, t-tops and all.

I’ve also got to give a little love to my brother in law with his clean WRX sitting on a fresh new set of Work XT-7′s.  He’s also the guy that took a few of these fine pics.

We tend to focus on the classics here but there were also a few other modern cars here that were definitely worthy of a shot or two like Biggie’s circuit built EVO.

This is one of Zane’s cars that also see plenty of track time out at Miller Motorsports park, he’s also the guy that put this whole meet together.  You know I’ve always got a soft spot for GC’s.

And then there’s this one…   315′s all around is the pure definition of meatyflush.

On the way back to the shop Ryan and I couldn’t help but stop for a little impromptu photo shoot, I hope you don’t mind.

I guess I should probably also say that I’ve had a bit of a religious experience with the built L-series in motor in that Red KGC10 over the weekend.  I’ve been in a few built L28′s here and there that were plenty quick but the 3.0L that is in this car is INSANE.   The torque, the throttle response….   that sound!   This is the L-series I needed to experience to change my whole ideals of how these cars could, and should be built.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great motors you can swap in these cars to get what you are looking for but this one is just so right.  It’s very difficult to explain actually…  maybe I’ll have to post a couple of videos to give you a better idea if the weather holds out long enough.

For now, a couple of pictures will have to do.  Back soon.

Erik Seo photography