Is on it’s way out to the West coast!

I’ve been through a lot with the Celica and although it’s always hard to see them go but I know the new owner will appreciate as much as I did.   It’s also good to know it’s being shipped with good company.

Ahhh… the good ol’ days.


Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of our beloved TA27 Celica.   On a side note I apologize for the current status of the JDM legends website as I’m currently un-able to update it while we revamp the entire site (which should be any day now).     In other news I’ve had a little bit of a chance to get acquainted with one of the newest members of the family….

And if you were wondering if it has the guts to back up those good looks…..    yes, it does.



Yep, that’s 3 liters of L-series goodness right there.  I’m not sure what the future may hold for this car yet but you can be guaranteed to see more off this one in the future.

There’s also been an uncommonly large amount of good reading material for J-tin junkies in the states this month as well.  First off, it looks like Super Street is getting in on the nosatlgic train with a retro themed issue.  I’m not sure if it’s just one issue or if we’ll be seeing more but I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far.  A good amount of it is re-issues from the “back in the day” features they have been running for years but that’s a good thing since that was the best part of the mag anyways.  Check it out.

Modified magazine also debuted an old school themed issue this month as well that I’m very proud to say we were lucky enough to be featured in.

It’s pretty crazy to see our shop in a magazine I’ve been reading for years.

The life of a professional male model can be demanding sometimes…  I think I chipped a nail in that shot.  Ha ha…  too funny.  Hopefully our next feature will have less of that guy and more cars ;)

So get out there and support print!  With the ease of the internet, magazines are dropping like flies lately so show some support to the guys that help keep this industry alive.   And that goes for JNC magazine as well….  if you don’t have a subscription yet then you’re definitely missing out.

That’s it for now, more good stuff is on the way….