This week has been madness around here to say the least…  I have some big things coming up but for now I’m going to scale it back a bit to some fun stuff I’ve been working on.   As some of you that read this blog may know,  I’m a bit of a Subaru guy in addition to the other stuff we do here.  After I had my little mishap at the track early in the Spring I’ve been focusing all my efforts on getting the Starlet going when I have time and steadily acquiring motor parts for the Subaru when funds allow.    Since I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out about not being able to drive my GC8 all summer long I decided to embark on another Subaru project…  just a little smaller.

I don’t know about you, but all throughout my childhood I always wanted a race car bed in the worst way but those things were pretty pricey back in the day.  One of the great things about having kids is that you have the ability to provide for them some of the experiences in life you never had.    So thanks to my mother-in-laws’s awesome secondhand shopping and negotiating skills I was finally able to score one for my 3 year old boy from a garage sale on the cheap.

Pretty cool right?  But you know damn well that there’s no way I can leave any type of car alone that’s in my possession….   even if it so happens to be a bed.   So I had a vision,  I thought since it started out the right color I would style it around my Subaru circa 2003 before the Works and was still on the Advans.

It started off with a little re-spray on the wheels….  unfortunately I didn’t have any Advan stickers around so the little man gets Works.  A little detail on lugs too.

Next up was a little detail around the lights as well as some black painted grill mesh.  I also had what I believe to be the biggest Subaru badge ever made courtesy of the supercharged Tribeca I had a hand in building back at Cobb. (Thanks Trey!)  That Tribeca was rad by the way, here’s a little article Motor Trend did on it HERE.

And what’s a Subaru without some proper fog lights right?   After a trip down to Ikea, a little re-wiring on some LED spotlights,  yellow film and BAM!  Fog light nightlights 🙂

Some proper robot sheets to top it off and my childhood dream is now complete….  if only I was a little smaller.  Trust me, I wanted to do more but I thought I would show a little restraint and let the boy follow up where I left off and make it his own.

Something else that has been in the works for a while that I’ve been quiet about is the arrival of  a couple of Hakosukas we picked up in Japan about a month ago that will be showing up here at the shop tomorrow if all goes well.  You can be sure to see many a blog about these these two beauties in the future but for now here’s a couple of teaser pics that were taken before they left the port in Osaka.

These may turn out to be some of the finest KGC10’s that have ever left JDM Legends…   only time will tell.  And to top it off I received another little surprise in the mail from the one and only DSALNI. Thanks man!  You are definitly too kind….  it’s great to see some great nostalgic themed shirts popping up lately.  One day we’ll actually have our own available for sale once we get our new website sorted which should be within the next month (fingers crossed).

That’s it for now…  exciting things to come, stay tuned.