Let me now give you guys a little introduction to one of my favorite cars we currently have here at JDM Legends.  The car is a 1973 Nissan Skyline which started out life as a Datsun 240 K and has been converted to a Japanese spec GTR clone.  Some people may ask why buy a GTR clone when I can have the real thing?  Let me start out by saying the C110 body style GTR’s  were only produced from late 1972 to 1973 and only 197 GTR’s were ever produced, making the C110 body style the rarest of all GTR’s.  That being said, clean examples can be found in Japan reaching the six figure mark!  Not a problem for collectors with an expendable amount of cash but for the average Joe looking for a unique piece of JDM history at a  more affordable price a clone is the way to go.  The GTR conversion usually consists of  changing out the mirrors, grill, badges, front and rear spoiler, and of course the most notable being the addition of the bolt-on fender flares which is no easy task as all of the non-GTR C110′s came with entirely different fender lines which requires the original fenders to be cut, re welded and resealed before adding the flares, but more on that later.

11_19_09 037

We received the car with the RB26 installed and some of the aforementioned GTR parts, but the car definitely needed quite a bit of refinement before we would be happy letting it go with the JDM Legends seal of approval.   Lets start with the engine bay in the way we had received it…..

10_9_09 026

Way too cool of a motor in way too cool of a car to be in such a sloppy state.  I started by going through and re looming the rat’s nest of wiring and other randomly placed items.  Once that was done I had noticed that  at one time or another over this cars long history it looked like there had been more than a few things screwed haphazardly here and there all over the engine bay resulting in swiss cheesed shock towers.   The repairs were done in the only acceptable fashion by patching some of the larger ones with replacement steel, and filling some of the smaller ones with the MIG welder.  This first pic shows the holes being prepped to be filled.

10_9_09 035

Right side before grinding and smoothing to give you an idea……

10_9_09 039

Everything filled prepped and ready for paint.  I think I repaired 38 holes of various sizes, yikes!  Someone needs their drill taken away :)

10_9_09 042

Another issue we had decided to address was the fact that the previous owner had installed a front mount intercooler which required the removal of the high beam lights.  We felt this took away from the classic exterior of the car and decided to redo the entire intercooler and piping setup to be a little more discreet, and while we’re at it lets spruce up that valve cover.

11_19_09 033

Ahh…..   I feel much better now.  The topside of the engine is done,  now it’s time to move underneath,  stay tuned!!