Yep, the DR30 made it’s way back in the shop again.  The new owner has made a few improvements since he picked up the car from us…  mostly more low, and more wide.  Two very important factors in the aesthetic appeal of any car in my opinion.  One thing we were never too happy with on the DR30 was the strange exhaust note this car had which I had determined was due to the use of a chambered muffler design.   The rest of the system was great, but the muffler section had to go.

The system was actually a pretty nice Fujitsubo unit…  it’s pretty crazy how OEM some of their exhaust systems look.

As you can see from the pics above, the first thing I did was add a flange so the customer could easily switch back to the Fujitsubo muffler very easily if he wanted.  Part of the problem I sometimes encounter when modifying JDM exhaust systems is that the sizing is always a bit different than what we usually have access to here in the states which required me to make this transition from the smaller 70mm piping up to the 3″ standard U.S. sizing.

For the muffler, we ended up going for a more turbo friendly, straight through design.

I ended up having to make another new stainless steel exhaust hanger in order to get the muffler excatly where  I wanted it.

New axle-back in place…  but what about a tip?

One of my faves, the section cut turn down?

Or how about a turn up?

Ummmm……..  no.

Ha Ha..  after coming to our senses we decided a simple one -piece turn down would suit the DR30 nicely.

And for good measure, how about a full shot for old time’s sake.   This car keeps getting better, as it should :)

And yes, it now sounds much better than the old setup did and looks better too.   I know I have been promising an update on the the KGC10 and TA22 but until I can get some more time around here you are going to have to hate me gain with another teaser…  this time with more Tosco.

It gets better, I promise :)